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If you look around, you’ll see our summer campaign permeating every neighborhood we serve. But rest assured, it is not just a set of words.

So when we say We Love Houston and We Love Our Customers, what do we mean?

Well, we’ve been serving Houston (and only Houston) since 1996. And from the beginning,we’ve made it a point to get involved in our great city and distinguish ourselves from our larger competitors by:


#5 Staying focused on Houston. Today, we’re in 42 Houston area communities,        with over 28,000 Houston customer relationships.

#4 Operating on a smaller scale so that we can dedicate more time to                        providing really good service, and respond quickly and effectively to the            needs of our customers.

#3 Always putting our customers first and consistently providing next-                      generation services.

#2 Giving back to our loyal communities. You’ll see us sponsoring community        events, supporting schools and so much more!

#1 Being there when you need us, (because we’re always a local phone call          away).

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