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It’s spooky out there! Follow these trick or treating tips for a safe and fun holiday.

trick or treating safety tips

  1. Examine all the candy your children collect before they eat it. Make it a fun game where the child with the most candy gets to choose their favorite piece first.
  2. Set up a buddy system. Trick or treating is more fun and safe in a group.
  3. Follow safe walking guidelines. Look left, right, and left again. Be sure to keep looking the entire time; you never know when a ghost could jump out at you!
  4. Get organized. Plan your trick or treating route in advance. Who wants to waste time walking when there are treats to collect?
  5. Even a monster wants to be seen! Be sure your child’s costume can be seen by drivers on the road by using reflective tape, flashlights, and light colors, if possible.

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