Opt-In to GoCare Now!

Why Opt-In to GoCare?

  • Faster and more convenient than calling the call center or logging into an account. Request your current balance or request your due date- all with the convenience of a text message!
  • Simple to use on any wireless phone. If you can open a text message, you can use GoCare!
  • There is NO CHARGE from enTouch.
  • GoCare is two-way communication- you will receive no more than 6 messages each month from enTouch but you can request information as many times as you want- all for FREE!


Text the following KEYWORDS in order to:


  • ENTOUCH– Opt-in to service; please have account information handy
  • BAL– Obtain your balance and due date
  • PAY– Confirm your most recent payment and the date it was posted to your account
  • DUEDATE– Confirm your next payment amount and due date
  • APPT– Confirm scheduled appointments with option to CONFIRM or CHANGE
  • OUTAGE– You will be asked about details of your outage and offered the opportunity to speak to a customer service representative
  • HELP– Receive a text reminding you of these keywords you need to access your account information
  • STOP– Opt-out of the GoCare service and stop receiving alerts on your phone

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