Get 1 Gig internet for just $79.95 a month!

The holidays are here and with them comes a flurry of activity. Between checking on Santa, ordering holiday cards, streaming holiday movies, video chatting, and everything else going on this season, you’ll likely experience decreased internet performance.

BUT, with 1 Gig*, everyone in your home can stream, surf, download, game, or work on multiple devices at the same time—without slowing down speeds for anyone else!



• Connect 20+ devices to your internet with no lag                          • Play video games in real time
• Download a 2-hour HD movie in less than 40 seconds                 • Back up your hard drive to the cloud in minutes
• Download 300 photos in 12 seconds                                                 • Video chat with no interruption
• Stream movies, shows, and video                                                      • And so much more!
without buffering

Experience lightning fast speeds for just a few dollars more per month. Wait until you see what a Gig can do for you!

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