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Protect your home from fire, flood, freeze, and carbon monoxide emergencies.

With Home Alert, you get professional monitoring of fire, flood, freeze, and Carbon Monoxide emergencies. It’s easy to install, protects you from expensive repairs, and qualifies you for additional insurance discounts—all for just $9.95/month.

Protect Your Home from Unnecessary Repair Costs

Why Home Alert?

  • Easy. DIY install
  • One device converts your UL approved smoke and CO detectors from monitored to non-monitored
  • Alerts sent to the contacts you specify
  • Available anywhere with a high-speed Internet connection
  • Insurance discount for fire monitoring
  • One-year warranty
  • Battery back-up

How Does Home Alert Work?

Fire & Carbon Monoxide Emergencies

  • The sensor listens for the alarm sounds made by your existing smoke and/or CO detectors.
  • When the sensor hears the alarm tones, it transmits a message to your smartphone, PC, tablet and the monitoring station who then contacts the appropriate emergency response authority

Flood & Freeze Emergencies

  • The leak sensor is designed to detect water across any two of the four gold probes on the button of the sensor
  • It will alert you immediately when water is detected and will send a notification when water is no longer detected
  • The freeze sensor will initiate an alarm when the temperature falls below 41 degrees
  • It will notify you when the temperature rises above 45 degrees

*Plus taxes and fees.

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