We are committed to providing uninterrupted service to our customers. That is why we employ four Locate Technicians to ensure the underground cable lines used to bring enTouch services to your home are properly marked—not only in your yard but also throughout the communities we serve. In the event you need to know where our cable lines are located, we will send one of our experienced Locate Technicians to mark the lines so that you can proceed with your project without fear of disrupting your service.

Meet the enTouch folks who keep you connected:

Butch Ness | LOCATE SUPERVISOR- Butch has worked at enTouch for 17 years. His favorite part of his job is knowing that his work to identify enTouch copper, coax, and fiber optic lines is helping to ensure that our customers have uninterrupted service.

Christian DeRouin | LOCATE TECHNICIAN- Christian started his career as a Locate Technician four years ago, and joined the enTouch team last year. His favorite part of his job is getting the opportunity to see something new every day.

Buckey Gamino | LOCATE TECHNICIAN- Buckey has been a Locate Technician for seven years, and a member of the enTouch family for over five. He enjoys doing his best to not only protect enTouch buried lines but also know that he has identified where the lines are located to ensure the safety of anyone digging near them.

Timothy Haywood | LOCATE TECHNICIAN- Having joined the company in April 2018, Timothy is the newest member of the enTouch team. He has been a Locate Technician for nearly a year and his favorite part of his job is his ability to meet and interact with people. He enjoys that through his work he is able to ensure maximum up-time for enTouch customers.

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