HOUSTON, TX – March 10, 2014 – Military, National Guard, Coast Guard, full-time police and fire fighters now receive as much as 40% off enTouch services.

With the March 2014 launch of enSERVICE, new and existing customers that are in the aforementioned groups now receive an extra 10% off already reduced package discounts – 20% when they order two enTouch services; 30% when they order three; and 40% when they order four.

That means on our best options for cable TV, Internet, home phone and security, they could save over $75 per month with enSERVICE.

“It’s a small token of appreciation,” said J Findley, enTouch CEO and President. “These men and women make huge sacrifices for us. enSERVICE is the least we can do to show our gratitude.”

Those interested can call customer service at 281.225.1000 to sign up. Or visit www.entouch.net/enservice to learn more.


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