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You know that your home security system is a great deterrent for burglars and other potential threats. But what if it could do more—like save on your energy bill, help you keep tabs on your family or simply save you a little work at home? Introducing Home Automation Packages that fit YOUR lifestyle! Your choice, just $49.95/month.* Click here to order now!

Home Automation Packages

SkyBell Package

Looking for a easy way to take control of your home’s security? See, hear, and speak to visitors, whether invited or uninvited, straight from your mobile device. Whether you’re looking for convenience, safety, control, or all three, the Sky Bell HD doorbell camera has the state-of-the-art features you’ve been looking for.

Monitor Package

Looking for a simple way to keep an eye on your home? Just a few pieces of equipment can make your life so much more efficient. Use the indoor camera to keep tabs on the family pet when you’re away, or as a baby monitor while you’re at home.

Access Package

Does your home get a lot of foot traffic? From kids, to deliveries, housekeepers, lawn services, and other visitors, it’s easy to feel like you have no control over who comes and who goes. The access package is perfect for families constantly on the go who want to control access to their home without sacrificing efficiency. Use the door lock to allow easy access to pet sitters, housekeepers and other invited guests.

Protection+ Package

Need some extra protection? From recognizing a window break-in to fire detection, this package will help you be prepared for anything. Use these home alert systems to know the instant your home is at risk.

Energy Package

Tired of sky-high electricity bills? Having more control of your thermostat and lighting can save a bundle without sacrificing comfort. Use the thermostat to keep your home at the most efficient temperature, and also to control your lights, whether you’re home or away.

No matter your lifestyle, enTouch has the right home automation package that will keep your home secure and make your life more convenient.

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