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The holidays are here and with them comes a flurry of activity. Between checking on Santa, ordering holiday cards, streaming holiday movies, video chatting, and everything else going on this season, you’ll likely experience decreased internet performance.

BUT, with Gig*, everyone in your home can stream, surf, download, game, or work on multiple devices at the same time—without slowing down speeds for anyone else!


• Connect 20+ devices to your internet with no lag                          • Play video games in real time
• Download a 2-hour HD movie in less than 40 seconds                 • Back up your hard drive to the cloud in minutes
• Download 300 photos in 12 seconds                                                 • Video chat with no interruption
• Stream movies, shows, and video                                                      • And so much more!
without buffering

Experience lightning fast speeds for just a few dollars more per month. Wait until you see what Gig can do for you!


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