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enTouch’s Response to Covid-19

We are taking Covid-19 very seriously and are reinforcing public health guidelines with every enTouch employee. As part of our commitment to slowing the spread of the virus in our communities, all enTouch employees with the ability to work from home have been instructed to do so.

We also recognize the critical nature of our industry and are committed to continuing to provide you with reliable and excellent customer service. Although our store locations have temporarily closed as of March 18, we continue to support you with 24/7/365 local customer support and deploying technicians when necessary.

All of our field technicians understand their critical role and are following public health guidelines recommended by the CDC. Please know that if any enTouch employee is feeling unwell they are not to report to work. As an additional precaution, we continue to use our best efforts to stock our service vehicles with soap and water, disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizer, masks and gloves as long as supplies last.

Keeping You Connected

We know how important reliable and excellent customer service is to you, our customers. To that end, we will be relaxing our data limits from now until May 30 to ensure that all enTouch customers have access to the bandwidth they need for working and learning from home.

Supporting Financially Disadvantaged Customers

Consistent with FCC Chairman Pai’s “Keep Americans Connected Pledge,” if you are experiencing economic hardship due to the Covid-19 pandemic, please call 1-888-610-1499. Our billing reps will be available to help you work out a plan.


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