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How can you manage your DVR’s recordings?

Did you know you can manage your TiVo DVR from anywhere using your smartphone or iPad? Before you begin, make sure you are running the latest iOS software and that your TiVo box is connected to your home network. What to Watch The What to Watch tab offers suggestions...

Watch your favorite shows, wherever you are!

Did you know that your enTouch cable subscription gives you access to your favorite channels on all your favorite devices with WatchTVEverywhere?WatchTVEverywhere is a platform that enables enTouch customers to access their favorite TV programs anywhere...

Local storage vs cloud- What are the benefits?

Choosing the right camera system and storage option gets more confusing every year. What are the benefits of local storage vs cloud? Can you access your local storage without some huge set up in your closet that looks like something that should be at the NSA? Short...

Record your favorite shows with your TiVo App

Did you even know that you can stream and record your favorite shows from the TiVo app? You can even take them with you for when you’re on the go. Here’s how to get started. 1. Update your phone’s OS 2. Download the TiVo app 3. Launch the TiVo app. 4. Sign in to the...

Improving your WiFi Speed – Top 6 Tips

Nothing is more frustrating than slow speeds especially when you don’t know why! Most of the time, slow speeds can be resolved by simply optimizing the way the WiFi network in your home works. Don’t worry; it’s easier than it sounds! One super simple way to improve...

The Newest Members of our Family

Since our inception in 1996, our simple philosophy has remained unchanged: to put our customers first and to consistently provide next-generation services. A key reason for our success is that we employ high-quality talent that truly cares about our customers. Take a...

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