enTouch was the first in Houston to offer 1Gbps of internet speed.* So what is 1Gbps and what does it mean? This stands for 1 gigabit per second, representing the speed at which data travels. 1Gbps gives you the power to connect all of your devices, stream multiple HD movies, as well as upload and download at the fastest speeds possible. enTouch is able to provide 1Gbps to multiple communities in the Houston area through their connection to a fiber optic network.

Things you can do with 1Gig speeds:

– Download an HD Movie in less than 40 seconds

– Download 300 photos in 12 seconds

– Stream movies, shows and video without buffering

– Game in real time

– Back up your hard drive to the cloud in minutes

– Video chat with no lag

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Fiber optic communication sends information from one place to the other by sending pulses of light through an optical fiber. This makes for a higher bandwidth and can span longer distances than electrical cables can handle. Optical fiber allows for companies like enTouch to transmit phone signals, internet communication and cable tv signals much more easily. Fiber is also less expensive to maintain and more resilient, not to mention provides much faster speeds than DSL or cable by tens or even hundreds of Mbps. The theoretical limits for speed through fiber optics continue to increase daily, meaning buffering and ridiculously long download times can finally be a struggle of the past!

When thinking of the appropriate speed for your own internet, be sure to consider your entire house hold. Internet speed can be greatly affected by equipment or how you use the internet. How many people use the internet in your home? How many devices do you have? Are there multiple people using multiple devices in your home? 1Gbps internet speed is perfect for homes with multiple high-bandwidth internet users. When planning your next family trip, you and your family can download your favorite movies or games JUST before you leave the house instead of preparing for a long download the night before! With the fastest internet speeds in Houston, it’s no wonder why enTouch customers and their families have fallen head over heels for 1Gbps.

*1 Gbps Internet only available in fiber-to-the-home communities. Click here to find out if 1 Gig is available in your area!

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