At enTouch, we are fiercely committed to you, our loyal customers. We strive to employ the best—from our customer service representatives to our billing specialists and technicians in the field—in efforts to ensure you receive the fastest, friendliest, and most helpful customer service.

Our dependable customer service representatives take a variety of calls daily from new and existing customers and the goal is always the same: to achieve ultimate customer satisfaction for every customer, every time.

But we don’t always wait for you to contact us with a problem. We constantly monitor our network and keep up to date with customer accounts so that we can inform you about changes to your service. Whether it’s making you aware of current promotions, keeping you updated on testing your alarm, educating you about our products or taking on the day-to-day tasks that ensure your happiness with our service, you are always our priority.

Our billing specialists are hard at work too, verifying the accuracy of every bill that goes out the door. They are always ready to help with any questions you may have to understand your bill and to quickly resolve any issues that may arise.

You expect nothing less than reliability from your enTouch service and we strive to deliver. That’s why our technicians’
number one priority is to complete every job accurately and efficiently. They take their jobs seriously, making sure that everything in your home is installed correctly and that all of your questions are answered.

Finally, we take customer feedback seriously. We survey customers after each service call, closely review the results and send feedback to appropriate managers to guarantee your voice is always heard.

We are truly committed to customer service. If you have suggestions about how we can enhance your enTouch experience, be sure to let us know at Our entire team works hard together to make sure you know just how valued you are!

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